The Podcast Yet to be Named – Episode 0: The End of the World

The pilot podcast episode with No Name (yet)!  Wherein @regtiangha and @lonnietaylor attempt to iron out the kinks in the show before the End of the World on December 21.  If you have a cool suggestion on what we should name this thing for next year, let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter!


The first-ever podcast by prolific Calgary-based bloggers and Calgary 2012 Cultural Ambassadors @lonnietaylor and @regtiangha, recorded at Steeps Tea on Calgary’s Red Mile.  It still needs a name, so if you have any suggestions, fire us a message on Twitter!

In Episode 0, the pilot, we talk about the End of the World, some local current events including the High Performance Rodeo and the End of the World Music Festival, Augmented Reality in Calgary with Google’s new Ingress game, Gamer Sundays at Dickens Pub, using to connect with Calgarians, other holiday/End of the World plans and…Root Beer and Egg Nog in the same glass??

Stay tuned at the end of the podcast for a special song from The Steeps Cabaret (a.k.a. The Teeming Masses), who came together and wrote a song just for us on-the-spot in the same afternoon!



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